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Another Cup Of Coffee lyrics


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     Another Cup Of Coffee
    >> Marty Robbins
        I just stopped by to have a cup of coffee
    And get some things I left when he moved in
    I can't stay too long 'cause I've got someone waiting
    I got to hurry up and meet a friend
    Well, it's workin' out just fine since he took over
    'Cause that leaves me lots of time to live it up
    I'm almost late, I really should be goin'
    But I guess there's time for just another cup
    I see you've rearranged the way the house was
    You've added some and took some things away
    Could you warm this half-a-cup here that I'm holdin'
    I don't have much time, I must be on my way
    Well, I've talked so long and all you've done is listened
    And that coffee pot's been empty for an hour
    My friend's upset, but I know how to please her
    I'll stop somewhere and buy some pretty flowers
    It's too late to pick up what I came by for
    And if I left them, do you really think he'd mind
    'Cause like I said, I'm late and she won't like it
    I'll drop by and pick them up some other time
    Well' it's funny when you think what life can offer
    When everything in life is up for trade
    I was only drivin' by, just thought I'd drop in
    'Cause I always liked the coffee that you made
    'Cause I always liked the coffee that you made
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